We are so excited you want to hear more about our mission to reform outdated women’s rights legislation. 

We appreciate that is may be new for many of you so we have created some pointers which may help you through the process.

To make purchasing into our community as seamless as possible here are a few tips that may help you on the journey.

1. Once you enter your email, the QTY of NTF’s that you would like to purchase and press MINT (Buy in Web 3 language) you will be taken to the checkout for a credit card or crypto currency payment.

What is

Paper creates checkout experiences for NFTs. We allow you to sell your NFT collection using credit cards, cross-chain crypto, or native minting seamlessly! We offer broad payment options, non-custodial wallet creation, KYC & fraud detection, complete credit card chargeback coverage, custom webhook calls, and more! To get a detailed breakdown of these features, visit the

Paper’s product focus is to deliver the best NFT checkout experience. It’s a simple premise with deceptively deep complexity abstracted away from you and your buyers. What are Paper Wallets 

Paper’s wallet product is a NFT-first non-custodial wallet. Using Paper Wallet means you don’t need to have (or understand) cryptocurrency wallets. They can simply type their email in the checkout flow to receive their NFT via a Paper Wallet Behind the scenes, a wallet is generated with private keys encrypted.

Traditional wallet products require a deeper understanding of the blockchain, including storing a 16-word secret recovery phrase. This usually means all assets are lost if this phrase is lost. For someone new to the NFT space, this can be a stressful experience. Traditional wallet products typically do not have support for displaying NFTs in their UI. This can also be a frustrating experience for customers purchasing their first NFT. Paper Wallet was created to mitigate all of these problems.

You can find out information at

2. Once payment is finalised a holding NFT GIF (A girl with “Reveal Soon”) will be displayed. Your select NFT’s will be revealed in your wallet. The date of reveal will be announced soon.

If you have any questions on your NFT purchase you can find further information at

For further help jump into out discord or contact [email protected]